Massage Horizons - Doug Turet
Simple Therapies for Complicated Lives


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Thank you for stopping by today!  

My name is Doug Turet and I have a question for you:

Do you enjoy being in pain?  No?  Neither do I.

That simple awareness is both the reason I became a massage therapist and the foundation of everything I offer you today.

My approach to the human body is different than those of anyone else I've ever met, in that I've developed a process for unlocking and releasing stress and strain patterns in both superficial and deep tissues that doesn't require excessive force. In fact, it's usually pretty gentle!

Can you picture that...  a Deep Tissue massage that doesn't hurt?

This is because I'm deciphering, following and addressing the subtle strain patterns in your body that are causing you to be uncomfortable, rather than just "buffing out the finish" or applying so much force that your tissues scream "Uncle!" and let go. Also, I approach every single person I ever encounter as if their body is an entirely new and different animal that I've never seen before. (That way, you're assured of a massage experience that is truly therapeutic and tailored to your body's particular needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter experience.) 

After all, do you experience stress, strain, injury or pain exactly the same as your mom, dad, siblings and friends do? (No, you don't.) And although we all began with the same number of muscles, bones and joints, are yours shaped and developed exactly the same as anyone else’s? (Obviously not.) So, if you’re that unique, and your experiences are that different should the care you receive be the same as everyone else's? (You already know the answer to that!)

When we meet, I'll begin by taking the time to completely listen, pay attention to and focus on the large and small details of you. I'll ask you about how and what you do for work, exercise and play, and begin to get a “bigger picture" sense you: who you are, how you're using your body, where and how strain and pain patterns may have begun, and then developed over time, and how I can help to release them, so you can move, breathe and function with greater ease and comfort. 

After that, you and I will work together as a teamto slowly and gently unravel all of those old stresses and tensions, injuries and scar tissue, in ways that will work with your body, not against it. 

And again: it won't hurt!  Your pain, stress and tension will just feel like they're slowly melting away...


You deserve to feel a whole lot better.   I am here to help you.    Call me now and find out how much!