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Talia G. — October 17th, 2020
"Doug was excellent. Extremely knowledgeable about the body and musculature. A personable and kind person who made me feel relaxed and comfortable. He sanitized the massage table and had all linens in plastic bags before use, making it clear that he took my safety and all Covid related precautions seriously. At the end of my session, he took the time to show me some stretches I could do between sessions. I was thoroughly pleased with the level of quality and service I received."
Amira K. — October 12th, 2020
"Doug was amazing! I receive a lot of massages and you could tell Doug really understands how the muscles all work together in your body. He listens to what you need and then OVER delivers! I can't wait to get another massage with Doug!"
Stacy W. — September 29th, 2020 
"I wanted a deep tissue massage. What I got was something amazing! I left there feeling better than from any massage I’ve ever had and without the pain. Highly recommend!"
Toni D. — February 19th, 2020
"Amazing therapist, with both practical and textbook knowledge. Very professional with a great sense of humor to keep the atmosphere light and entertaining. 10/10!"
Kathryn D. — December 20th, 2019
"I really enjoyed my massage. Doug's approach is very different, incorporating breathing techniques and stretching into a deep tissue massage. If you are in pain, or have just general tightness, I would definitely visit here rather than another massage place that doesn't customize the massage to your specific needs. Doug takes the time to understand what you are looking for in the massage, and is eager to make you feel comfortable and satisfied.  I already booked a follow up session."
Jennifer D. — December 10th, 2019

"Doug has been an amazing guy to work with. My chronic pain keeps me from being as reliable as I would like to be. He has been gracious about finding a time that suits me."

Lily W. — September 19th, 2019

"I was on day who knows what of a migraine and desperate for relief. Doug assured me I would be feeling better after but I felt WAY more than better. Truly amazing work. Such personalized service. I really appreciate the help & I cannot rave enough about his professionalism and amicability. Will definitely reach out again !"

Leo K. — May 10th, 2019
"No words can describe the experience, but I’ll try. Surreal, relaxing and calming. He made me laugh and put me at peace all at the same time. Still, my words aren’t doing this experience justice."
Stacy R. — December 11th, 2018
"Doug was fabulous! Came to our location and gave our team each a massage it was relaxing and fabulous! Told him of an injury and after he was done I felt better then New! Thank you so much and you will be hearing from us again!!!"
Kathy K. — September 29th, 2018
"I have not had my massage yet but Doug responded immediately and prevented me from doing something potentially dangerous to my health. I appreciate his honesty, knowledge and the fact that my well being was more important than the mighty dollar. I will be using his services when I am cleared by my physician."
Maria G. — December 12th, 2017
"I'm traveling for work and booked this, not knowing what to expect. Douglas's practice was above and beyond what I could have hoped for. He's truly a professional, and has a very intuitive (combined with experience/ knowledge) sense of what your body needs. I suffered a slipped disk a few years ago and have had lower back/hip issues ever since, and this was one of the very few times since then that I've felt total relief and regained flexibility in my spine. I will definitely be booking Douglas the next time I'm in town and only wish that he were closer for regular bookings!"
Lisa F. — August 18th, 2018
"Saved my life"
Peter D. — August 23rd, 2017
"Quite simply, Doug was absolutely incredible... hands down the best bodywork I've ever had done. His knowledge of the body, along with his ability to release areas that have been tense and locked up for years was nothing short of remarkable. But perhaps even more incredibly, he was able to go deep into my muscles without any pain. This is totally unlike any other deep tissue work I've had done, which is usually very painful and results in a lot of soreness. Instead, I felt much looser and my mobility was significantly increased after just one session. I couldn't recommend Doug more!"
Dr. Andrew S. — April 10th, 2016
"Doug is pretty incredible. His gentle approach and knowledge are first rate and in my experience very special. He has helped my arm immensely that had been stuck in a bent state where I couldn't fully straighten it out. I had injured it falling off a bike with my arm fully extended a couple years. ago. He has given me more help with it than multiple other chiropractors, medical doctors, and massage therapists."
Will H. — December 15th, 2015
"Doug has an innovative approach to deep tissue which is excellent. He is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and how our bodies work. I have been suffering for a month with a muscle strain from weight lifting. In one session Doug took care of the problem. I highly recommend him!"
Carolyn S. — May 7th, 2014
"Doug is quite a talented MT, as I've been to a lot and can speak with authority on this! He is considerate of one's space while on the table, allowing for the right mix of quiet time and conversation as the patient leads. Doug was very sensitive to my body image issues and was careful to drape me properly. He also offers other modalities which puts him at an advantage over those who just practice Massage alone. I would highly recommend Doug for massage as well as Access BARS therapy & Reiki."
Cindy M. — February 2nd, 2014
"Doug Turet is an amazing massage therapist. His gentle touch belies the deep therapeutic treatment you are receiving. You feel so good that you don't want the session to end."